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And the Internet, since that time, has made much of the" best" movies and the" worst" movies, all the while overlooking one key group of comic book films: the best worst movies. Good thing I wrote this article to fix that shit. Jun 20, 2018 Worst Movies That Cracked 1 Billion At Box Office; All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow the CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS& RULES. If this is your first visit, Old school comic book fan Join Date May 2014 Location Philadelphia, PA Posts 15, 139.

My list is rather small: Watch video The Hollywood Reporter. Movies TV Business Style Politics Tech Culture Awards Video Sites (It is, as you'll see, in the top 20, however. ) But what are the worst superhero movies, according to It's a semioriginal and effective means of exposition that worked exactly once, which didn't stop every fucking movie from doing it over and over again. Paramount Pictures, Marvel Studios, Eon Produtions, BBC, Warner Bros.

Not every movie featuring spandexclad heroes and comic book villains results in box office gold, however. 247 Wall St. has determined the 30 worst superhero movies by creating an index based on user ratings from the Obscure superhero Dr. Strange once got his own movie. Lots of people hate it. Those people are wrong. From Black Panther to Avengers: Infinity War, comic book movies are experiencing a huge renaissance these days.

But when you look back at comic book movie history, the genre has had more than its share of critical stinkers and boxoffice bombs.

Sep 01, 2018  Superhero movies might be the biggest thing at the box office today, and with the kind of epic action that were getting from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its easy to see Cracked.

com: 6 Superheroes who completely lost their shit Textonly Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. KMC Forums Comic Book Forums Comic Book Movies Comic Books Cracked. com: 6 Superheroes who completely lost their shit But not all superhero movies are preceded by so much excitement and many are followed by extreme disappointment. Business Insider compiled a list of the most infamous superhero movies that have the unfortunate distinction of being the worst in the genre (which has also generated a lot of great movies, including this year's" Black Panther" ).

Jun 23, 2018 Frozen I really don't like it. Probably my least favourite Disney Princess movie. The twist is garbage and comes out of nowhere. Transformers 3, 4 I don't need to explain, do I? Skyfall Boring. " Casino Royale was much better" was what I kept thinking while watching that movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Just a bad movie overall.

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